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Pharmacists who code and developers who (health)care

CodeRx is a collective of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who have a skill set in tech and apply it towards building useful things.

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Getting started

If you’re new to health tech and wondering how to get started, join our Slack and introduce yourself. There’s a vibrant community that you can learn from and contribute to.

If you just want to learn more about what we’re all about and what we’re doing, follow us on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. Reading and subscribing to The CodeRx Newsletter is another good way to learn more.

If you’re already somewhat immersed in health tech and just curious about the specific things we’re into, check out the resources page for some inspiration about coding, data, and health tech.

If you are a developer (or a pharmacist-developer hybrid), head over to our GitHub org to check out our open source projects and see if our guides are useful for any projects you’re working on.

Stop by our about page to learn more.

Have a question? Just shoot us an email.